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Home Industries

November 27th, 2004 at 01:24 pm

Having DH's birthday lunch- so I picked up a birthday cake from the home industries shop this morning. I love these places- everything is homemade, mostly cakes, bakes, tarts etc as well as some crafts. The shops normally work on a co-op basis, with each member contributing part of their eanings towards running the shop. Do you have places like this in the states?
I much prefer their cakes to a commercial bakery- you're getting a homemade cake- usaully they taste really good, without the hassle of making it yourself, and supporting another woman, often a SAHM, in her own business
While I'm working I find I'm too tired to bake anything elaborate, when I'm at home it's a different story- plus I have the wonkiest oven on the planet- it has 2 tempretures- off and on- tha'ts why I'm temping for a few months- to make enough to remodel the kitchen

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