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shoes on sale

January 17th, 2005 at 08:48 am

went clothes shopping this weekend to see what the january sales had to offer- was very pleased to get two pairs of funky summer sandals at the equivalent of $10 each- that is a good price here- I find it amazing that people will spend over a thousand rand( $250) on a pair of shoes
I also got some denim skirts for work- I love the fact that I can wear denim skirts and sandals to work in summer- I have a cool boss. I am not a small person and am shaped more like a pear than a ball- so I find i buty the size of skirt that fits me nicely over the hips, and take in the waistband_- i have about 2 sizes difference btw my hips and waist

mens toiletries

January 11th, 2005 at 09:35 am

has anyone noticed how the same toiletries are more expensive when aimed at women - case in point I was buying shaving cream and razor blades . The price of mens' shaving cream is 1/4 that of the "women's" shaving cream- so I just use DH's I buy "men's" razor blades for my razor- my legs are quite happy
Is this because they think women will pay more for the same stuff- not talking about stuff that is specific for women but stuff that can be used by both sexes- shaving cream, socks, etc So now I will be comparing not just prices but products

frugal pasta

January 11th, 2005 at 09:30 am

I love pasta- boiled up a packet of fusilli(screws) on sunday night- enough for dinner on sunday and last night and two lunches for work- and it's versatile- Monday was pasta with tomato sauce, today was tuna pasta salad- last ofe the leftovers for supper tonight
My job is very hectic at the moment so I have very little mental energy when I get home- so food that's alleardy done is great, especaily if I don;t have to thing too much- biol pasta, pour on sauce( fails gourmet cooking:-)) and heat and eat...


January 8th, 2005 at 07:32 am

we are having a heatwave- please send snow- It has been over 30C( not sure what the Farenheit is) for almost a week now- it keeps threatening to rain every night and then doesn't. Cooking dinner is not an option- so cold leftovers, quick pizzas are what we've been having- it's also too hot to eat. One night I even had cheescake for dinner- was very good :- ))
Filled up the car today- petrol price went down so that helps. We don't have self service here in SA- an attendant helps fills up the car, checks the oil and inflates your tyres- you can tip them if you want to- I normally do as they don't earn a lot

Frugal New Year

January 4th, 2005 at 08:23 am

The start of the week has been fairly frugal so far- have taken lunch to work both days so far, and only spent R7 for cup of coffe with co-workers this morning- which was well worth it for the fellowship. Also eaten at home both nights
Managed to recylce a whole bunch of ribbons from a project launch at work yesterday- so now I have a bag full of red ribbons- should be good for Valantines
So hoping this trend will continue
Waiting for the petrol price to go down on Wednesday before I fill up the car

Xmas Decorations

January 2nd, 2005 at 02:48 am

Today is the day I start taking down all the decorations. Just the tree and some wreaths. In SA, most people have artificial trees- mine is a little one- only 1 meter high but I think it still looks pretty- plus the house is not that huge so wouldn't have much space for it. The tree is about nine years old and some of the decorations are even older- when my Gran passed away a few years ago I asked if I could have some of her Xmas decorations so I could always remember her at Xmas. This year I was able to hang some decorations on the outside of the house as we upgraded our security system( due to an attempted carjacking) so now we have a 3 meter high spiked fence, but you can see through it so the decorations are visible and wont get stolen pack everything up in an old suitcase- means I can get to it when I find any good deals later this month- I also keep all the Xmas stuff in there like crackers as well