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Xmas in SA

December 26th, 2004 at 09:34 pm

We had a very pleasant Chritsmas day- it was just a small crowd, mostly friends and neighbours which made it more relaxing- my domestic worker is on leave and I'm not so the house is clean but not sparkling. It was quite hot ( 26C) so we had our traditional braai(BBQ) LOL-using the new Weber braai my Dh got for his birthday. Nice desserts, choc mouse, pavlova and choc cake with a small fruit one and lots of mince pies.
It rained on Sunday- not on Xmas day like it usaully does so we were quite pleased
One of our friends- who also works with DH- spent Xmas with us and not his family as the bosses told him that he will be working over Xmas as he is single... so he spent the day with us as they can both do most of the system support remotely using my husband's leased line connection- they are both sys admins
All in all a good Christmas weekend- hope everyone else had a good time

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It's a balmy -23 C here right now. 9 PM The high today was -19.

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