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Xmas Decorations

January 2nd, 2005 at 02:48 am

Today is the day I start taking down all the decorations. Just the tree and some wreaths. In SA, most people have artificial trees- mine is a little one- only 1 meter high but I think it still looks pretty- plus the house is not that huge so wouldn't have much space for it. The tree is about nine years old and some of the decorations are even older- when my Gran passed away a few years ago I asked if I could have some of her Xmas decorations so I could always remember her at Xmas. This year I was able to hang some decorations on the outside of the house as we upgraded our security system( due to an attempted carjacking) so now we have a 3 meter high spiked fence, but you can see through it so the decorations are visible and wont get stolen pack everything up in an old suitcase- means I can get to it when I find any good deals later this month- I also keep all the Xmas stuff in there like crackers as well

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